Hi Gorgeous!

Lovely, tearful, funny, brave, and unique stories: You deserve yours written. You deserve yours PHOTOGRAPHED! Photos are more than just pictures. They are memories.

I am Lucia and it is a pleasure to meet you. I am Peruvian. I love reciting poems & speaking in public. I love to laugh, dance, and cry on stage. I am a little crazy but just enough to make it FUN! I am a proud auntie of FIVE. My parents are my heroes and I live to see them laugh together, and this man over here makes me smile like crazy...

All About LUCIA

Hamilton Lifestyle and Family Photographer

“Our whole experience was magical! Lucia was so wonderful to work with. She told us to simply be ourselves and captured so much love in every photo. Her photos will bring us back to a period in time when our kid’s were 3 & 5 and I will cry happy tears. She’s lovely to work with and the kids adored her. Thank you Lucia for these beautiful memories.”

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