About me

I am so glad you found me! I am a curly haired girl who loves stories. My heart is Peruvian *y hablo español*. My parents are my heroes and travelling buddies. I live to see them laugh together. My sisters are my other two musketeers and my best friends. I am a proud auntie of five and they are my favourite little humans. Our family has come a long way to be together. After 17 years of someone always living in a different country, we all now call Canada our home. I love reciting poems & speaking in public. I love to laugh, dance, and cry on stage. I truly believe every story is beautiful. Telling yours and capturing these memories make my heart go faster.

My photography journey started in 2019. My goal is for you to be able to see, hear and feel your images many years from now. In my own love story, his name is Thom and he is my greatest cheerleader. The sweetest guy in my life. Four years together and I can’t wait for more. I can be intense, and my mind is always racing. He slows down my world and makes it all better. Fun facts! • I was a news reporter, a journalist, and a TV anchor for about 5 years. • I once went into a cemetery at midnight and then ran from the police lol • I so want to jump from a helicopter • I have a yellow duck on the front of my car. • Every time I am on a plane, the clouds look so cozy that I want to jump and bounce.

“I am a Journalist. I am a Storyteller. I am your Time Conservation Artist”